Codapi is free and open source, and is committed to staying that way forever.

However, if you're using Codapi in a corporate environment and would like some extra help, Codapi+ is for you.

Here's the deal:

  • Private email support for the next 12 months (up to 10 hours total).
  • Expert advice on how to setup a sandbox for virtually any software.
  • Prioritized bug fixes, if you report any.
  • Guaranteed security updates.
  • Your company mentioned on the Codapi website (if you wish).

Please note that Codapi+ delivers the same open-source software that is available on GitHub. You are paying for priority access to the Codapi developer (Anton) and guaranteed support throughout the year, not for a different version of the software.

This is an annual subscription. Cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Buy Codapi+ for $500   and support the development ♡