Widget documentation

Codapi widget turns static code snippets in your docs into interactive playgrounds, allowing readers to edit and run the code.

Some playgrounds (like JavaScript, Python or SQLite) don't even need a server. They work entirely in the browser, so the widget is enough.

If you are not sure where to start — start with the widget documentation.

Server documentation

Codapi server manages sandboxes (isolated execution environments) and provides an API to execute code in these sandboxes. Codapi widget uses the server API to run code snippets.

With Codapi server, you can turn virtually any software into a sandbox, available to the reader via API or Codapi widget.


The most frequently asked questions about Codapi:

  • What is the difference between Codapi and other similar services?
  • What happens if Codapi goes down or you decide to sunset it?
  • How secure and fast is it? etc.


If the documentation doesn't answer your question — just ask!